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Puzzles & Toys – MN’s Family Destination

At Blue Sun, we pride ourselves on being one of Minnesota’s best family destinations. And, of course, no selection of great soda and candy would be complete without puzzles, toys, games, and other novelty items. We’ve compiled together a unique assortment of items that you and your family are sure to love. For puzzle lovers, our selection is one of the most unique that you’ll ever find. We also carry mind puzzles for showcases on your coffee table. From 1950s “Americana” to the strange and unusual, we have options to delight all enthusiasts.

For our younger visitors, we have a variety of classic novelty items. A small sampling of our toys includes yo-yos, jump ropes, and hula hoops. However, we also have fun items like fake mustaches, whoopee cushions, and magic tricks to entertain all age levels. With so many family-friendly items and a huge selection of treats, it’s easy to see why we are rated one of the best family destinations in MN. Stop into one of our locations to enjoy an unforgettable day with your family.