About Us

Want to know more about us? Blue Sun Soda Shop was created as a labor of love in a state that lacked access to delicious craft soda and candy. The shop is the brainchild of entrepreneur Mark Lazarchic who is always looking for the next great thing. Additionally, he is an avid craft soda connoisseur; and has been known to enjoy a piece of old fashioned candy from time to time!

With nobody currently serving this market, he saw an opportunity to give the people of Minnesota what they want while indulging in his own sweet tooth at the same time.

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Mark Lazarchic is responsible for bringing numerous businesses to life in Minnesota and beyond including the Minnesota’s largest fireworks store (which eventually expanded into a national brand which has become the largest wedding sparklers store online) which can be found in parking lots throughout the Twin Cities during the months of June and July, and many more brilliant enterprises.

Now, he has brought the deliciousness and joy of gourmet sodas and candy to the people of Minnesota in full force to change the way you think about soda forever. Whether you’re driving by and swing in for a quick cold one or you and the family make a full day trip out of it, both children and adults alike will enjoy the unexpected deliciousness that awaits you when you visit the Blue Sun Soda and Sweets Shop!