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Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop Acquires Blue Sun Soda Shop!

We couldn’t be more excited to announce the next evolution of Blue Sun Soda Shop.  The owner of Blue Sun Soda Shop had been following the growth & passion of Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop for many years and reached out to them to take the brand to the next level.

Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop’s recipe for an incredible candy shop experience is unmatched and they share an equal passion for carbonated soda pop!

You’ll find ridiculous amounts of candy & soda stacked from the floor to the ceiling.  They offer an impressive collection of international candy, enough bulk candy to fill a swimming pool, plus all sorts of toys, games, and some really quirky gifts.

Our Grandpa Joe’s team is committed to continuing the growth of the Whistler brand and working with all existing team members.  We are 100% committed to strong community involvement, team member investment & growth, and ultimately providing one of the most unique retail shopping experiences.

Our work to transform our Spring Lake Park location is complete and you won’t believe your eyes when you visit!

The Stillwater & Bloomington locations are scheduled for improvements as well but remain open as Blue Sun Soda Shop until their scheduled transformation to Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop in the coming months.


Do you still take bottles back for Whistler soda for store credit?

Yes, we purchased Whistler soda, are continuing to bottle it, and will continue to develop and grow the brand.

Yes, we are continuing the bottle deposit program.

Do you still have soda?

Heck yeah… more than ever! We took the title of World’s Largest Soda Shop and accepted the challenge.

Now it’s the World’s Largest, coolest, greatest, and best-thing-since-sliced-bread Soda Shop!

Do you still have the soda fountain?

Yes! It’s even bigger than before!

While we no longer have food, we added 16 flavors of ice cream and made a commitment to having the soda fountain & ice cream counter OPEN 7 days per week.

Do you accept Blue Sun Soda Shop gift cards?

Yes. Blue Sun Soda shop gift cards are still accepted.

What about the Star Rewards?

Unfortunately, Blue Sun Soda Shop rewards points weren’t able to be transferred. But we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised with our new pricing & promotions.

Do you still have the game room?

Yes. We have pinball – bring your quarters! We currently have five pinball machines, and we plan to increase that number as more become available.

Do you still have the bulk/choose your own taffy?


Did you keep Billy the Soda Jerk and our other favorite employees?

Yes. We’ve kept all of the previous staff and added quite a few new team members!

Can we purchase gift cards? (add a link to purchase)

Yes. We have gift cards in any increment you’d like ($5 and up). They can also be purchased online here.

Look At Our Selection

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