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Blue Sun Soda Shop – Craft Soda & Candy Store

Blue Sun Soda Shop is Minnesota’s original craft soda shop and candy store. We are proud to offer thousands of flavors of soda. That’s not just the most in Minnesota, it’s the most in the entire world! And, of course, that number keeps growing every day! You won’t see the normal sodas that you find at your grocery store here; instead you’ll find hundreds of brands of root beer, ginger ale, and orange soda. Additionally, you’ll find wacky flavors like buffalo wing soda or bleu cheese soda. If you can dream up a soda flavor, chances are we have it.

And let’s not forget about the candies, sweets, and other delicious treats! We always have fresh and free popcorn to tide you over as you browse the rest of our selection. Furthermore, we have hard candies, salt water taffy, and much more sold by the pound. Additionally, we have a massive PEZ wall with all the different dispensers and flavors your heart could imagine. If you have a sweet tooth, Blue Sun’s candy store has you covered.

Don’t forget to check out our Super-Shop for the largest selection, classic soda fountain, and factory tours! It’s an experience your family will love and never forget!

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