Root Beer Challenges

With so many flavors and brands of root beer available at our shop, many customers find choosing what to try first a chore. After all, we do offer hundreds of great root beer options! To make it easier, we have put together a series of ultimate root beer challenges to deice once and for all which flavors are your best option.

The concept is simple; 10 challenges pitting various popular craft root beer brands against each other. The 11th challenge is the "championship" where the previous challenge winners will be pitted against each other. Below, you will find the results of each challenge.

Challenge #1 Winner:

Hosmer Sarsaparilla RB & Triple XXX (tie)

Challenge #2 Winner:


Challenge #3 Winner:

Henry Weinhardt & Berghoff (tie)

Challenge #4

Date: 06/02/18

Challenge #5

Date: 07/14/18

Challenge #6

Date: 09/22/18

Challenge #7

Date: 011/03/18

Challenge #8

Date: 01/19/19

Challenge #9

Date: 02/16/19

Challenge #10

Date: 03/30/19

Championship Round

Date: 05/11/19