Blue Sun in the News: The Jason Show

The Jason Show was nice enough to stop by Blue Sun Soda Shop to do a piece on our store. They¬†highlighted many of our unique sodas and interviewed the owner Mark Lazarchic. They also brought back 6 of our most unique flavors to the studio to do a tasting with 2 members of Jason’s studio audience. Here is the video:

Blue Sun in the News: ABC Newspapers

ABC Newspapers¬†came out to Blue Sun Soda Shop to do a story on the world’s largest soda store! The story highlighted the unique nature of Blue Sun Soda Shop and how it is pioneering a new frontier in the retail industry. The story also included an interview with owner Mark Lazarchic who discussed how the concept is a labor of love that may or may not end up being profitable in the end.

To read the full story from ABC Newspapers, please click here.


Welcome to the Blue Sun Soda and Sweets Shop website! Now that our store in Spring Lake Park, MN is open for business, there will be a lot of different news and events to share with our customers. From new types of gourmet sodas and candy to information about upcoming tastings, sales, and other events, our website will be a launching point for everything related to our shop. Make sure to check back often to see what is new with our soda shop, and always remember to stay thirsty everyone!

The Blue Sun Soda Shop Staff